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Probably over a month ago, I went to Niu Jie (Ox Street) – the Muslim quarter in Beijing – home to the famous Niu Jie Mosque (Ox Street Mosque). You can tell you’re in the right place with all the green boarded shops on the street. I don’t know what I was expecting exactly, but honestly, I did feel a bit let down. I must have read about the market that takes place there, and gone at the wrong time.

Anyway, possibly the most interesting thing I saw was this sign at the entrance to the mosque:

And I just wanted to share that much at least – it’s getting harder and harder to keep up with posting! 😦


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I graduated with a degree in Chinese and Economics, which involved spending a year studying Chinese in Beijing. This turned out to be the hardest but most rewarding thing I think I have ever done. I've now returned to China for another year, to study in Shanghai and figure out my next steps.

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