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Beijing, why you so convenient?

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To begin with, a bit of Chinglish, found on the back of a toothbrush:On the back of a toothbrush

Also, while I was midway through writing this post, the doorbell rang and my flatmate and I opened it to find no less than FIVE policemen at the door. That was scary. Turns out they just wanted to check our passports and residence permits… Did they really need 5 people for that? I guess they needed extras in case it turned out we were illegal residents and needed to be arrested…
We were actually worried though, because we’d had a slight-kinda-major-pretty-big-that-could-get-us-deported type of run-in with the law within our first two weeks in China… I may write about my criminal activities in China some other time though. Brush that back under the carpet for now :s

Back onto topic, I’ve been posting a lot more about how I’m feeling lately, rather than actual China experiences, but a blog’s purpose can evolve, right? I want to capture so much of everything in these last weeks, for myself, if nothing else.

Last night I realised a lot more of what I like about living here. Admittedly, some of it is not specific to Beijing, for example, I like how close by people live, (I guess that would be the case if I was living in uni dormitories in London too), but I also like how easy it is to make an impulsive decision to go out, partly due to the fact we all live close by so it’s easier to organise and coordinate, but also because there are so many places close by where we can go. It’s all just so…convenient, and I really like that.

A friend and I cooked some dinner at home last night, and after she left, I was all ready to settle down for the night, watch some TV, maybe do some work and get an early night (like, midnight) so I could spend today working hard. A friend suddenly messaged, asking if I wanted to go and get a drink. (Not that kind of drink, guys!) Me, being the lazy person I am, (it was a 5minute walk away) first thought ‘nahh, I’m not really feeling like a drink, am I?’ but then I realised I just want to take ALL the opportunities I get to enjoy these little conveniences China has to offer me. (In moderation, of course). When would I be able to just walk 5minutes up the road to meet a friend for a drink at 10pm, when I’m back home? (Not really sure how well this’ll go down with the parents…)
The weather definitely helped too!! I didn’t have to put ALL my clothes on just to step outside, as used to be the case from December all the way to a good way through March. In fact, I went out in flip-flops. Now that’s a sure sign of Summer. Grab the essentials: keys, phone and some money, and just walk out into the night… It’s never this easy at home. Sometimes it’s the little things that make you happy!
The friend I’d just had dinner with was there too — “Oh ibby! Long time no see!”. Sure.

And man – I forget how cheap China is! We bought drinks: Chinese green tea ‘slushie’, Cheese Cocoa (sounds strange, but it was nice!), Grapefruit juice, took a walk through the uni right next door to our own while we drank, talked and laughed. Oh, the interesting things you find out. Did you know that most universities in China are built on the sites of cemeteries? Including ours. Creepy. I didn’t even realise until I was told yesterday that one of the bus stops outside campus actually has the character for ‘cemetery’ in its name!

And suddenly, we’re outside the university’s snooker place. There were free tables, and three of us to split the cost. Why not?
So, a drink, a few games of pool (I’m getting better!), and enjoyable company all for 15RMB. (~£1.50).

Beat that, London!
I’m gonna miss Beijing. 😦

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About Ibtehaal

I graduated with a degree in Chinese and Economics, which involved spending a year studying Chinese in Beijing. This turned out to be the hardest but most rewarding thing I think I have ever done. I've now returned to China for another year, to study in Shanghai and figure out my next steps.

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  1. A blog’s purpose can certainly evolve. Write about whatever you like (I’ve really enjoyed reading your more recent posts 🙂 )

    Ahhh I am envious of your freedom. I’d love to be able to get up and go out somewhere random (and for bargain prices too!). Make the most of it! 😛

  2. can not wait to give you a match as soon as you come back


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