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Hey there! Hola, Bonjour, Salaam, Ni hao, Jambo and Hallo.

Allow me to introduce myself: I’m known by most as Ibby, and have recently graduated from university, where I majored in Chinese and Economics. I started this blog when I went to study in Beijing for my language year abroad (August 2012 – June 2013). I wanted to record my experiences while I was there, and if you’re interested in reading about that, please click here.

After my year abroad, I decided I quite enjoyed the blogging experience and would therefore keep the blog, though posts themselves were few and far between.

I am unusually enthusiastic about words and all things related, be it etymology, crosswords, palindromes, anagrams, idioms, homophones, Scrabble, and of course, languages.

Thanks for stopping by. If, like me, you’re a word/language enthusiast, feel free to to leave a comment or to click some or all of the various options below to let me know you were here. If you’re not…well, I’m told I’m pretty friendly. Try your luck.


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  1. Mohamed Raza Huda

    Mashallah, great work you are doing not only that, now you are an Ambassador of Muslims in Beijing.
    (Uncle Mohamed Raza Huda, Toronto, Canada)

  2. Hey Ibtehaal, this is Aliya 🙂 Minhaal told me about your blog a while back and I’ve been following it ever since. You are super brave for studying so far from home but it sounds like a great experience!

  3. Hello! My name is Oksana. We want to use one of your great Danxia photos in a textbook for students in educational purposes. Could you send this e-mail your name? We indicate you as the author photo Thanks!

  4. But if you are not the author of photos, please tell me who the photographer. Thank you!

  5. I wanted to hop on over and thank you for reading my blog and enjoying my etymology post. I’m not sure how I glossed over your blog, but I am loving your study abroad accounts! As a computer science turned applied linguistics student, I’ve been turning toward my love of words more and more. I am so jealous you got to study abroad in China! Mandarin is the language I’ll be choosing for my non-Indo-european language requirement (even though I feel like I’ll be cheating since my family is from Taiwan). I look forward to reading more!

    • Thank you! Unfortunately, blogging seems to be on hold what with imminent exams, and even more unfortunately, I am no longer studying abroad in China *sob*. Haha and that’s not really cheating if you don’t speak any Mandarin…unless you do.

      • Technically, Mandarin was my “first” language, but that quickly faded when I started going to preschool even. While I can understand a lot of it, I can maybe only converse at the level of a 4 year old. Maybe. So I’ll only consider it half cheating 😉

        Do you have plans to go back to China any time soon?

      • Ah yes, I know what you mean. My first language was *technically* Gujarati, but just like you, my conversational skills mimic those of a 10 year old.
        I would really really love to go back to China – soon! I’ve been 怀念-ing (reminiscing) more and more recently, but I don’t have any set plans to go back right now. Fingers crossed that a few things work out for Summer 🙂

        Have you been to China?

  6. Alhamdulillah I just found the female version of myself. It is weird that we are very much alike. I enjoy reading your blog as I remembered my years in China and I might go back soon. I do not speak German and Gujarati but I am a polyglot maybe because we learn 4 languages during childhood. It would be a pleasure to talk to you and hopefully we could both learn new things. By the way, I speak 3 Chinese dialects :-p

    • Hey, thanks for dropping by and commenting. I’ve been neglecting my blog a lot, so it’s good to know someone still enjoys reading it.
      Very impressive that you speak three Chinese dialects! Which three?

      • I left China more than 3 years ago and thinking of returning soon but to Wuhan this time. I speak Chonqing, Nanjing and Shanghai dialects. I improved my cooking skills though when I was there more than any other things. Unlike you, I wasn’t studying language but medicine. I am from the paradise Island known as Mauritius and you are welcome to visit. So, we can catch up on some social networks. You can find me easily and continue with your blog as it is really wonderful.

      • I’m assuming that those three are in addition to Mandarin. Unusual if not – but still very cool! Oh man, I should have really learnt how to cook some more authentic dishes. I really wanted to get in the kitchens to learn how to make 拉面 😀
        And of course I know Mauritius. Where in China were you studying Medicine? I actually just came back from a trip to Henan, which was beautiful too, so yes the blogs will continue hopefully, just very backlogged.

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